Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame is considered the highest honor available to bestow in our organization. The primary intention is to recognize achievemnts in playing in ACBL sanctioned bridge events. Consideration is also given to level of service and contributions to bridge within the DBAA and to ethics, conduct and sportsmanship.

The DBAA President appoints a standing committee who is charged with soliciting recommendations for this award, reviewing nominations and presenting approved nominees to the DBAA Board of Directors for consideration There is no requirement for the committee to put forth a nominee unless and until it decides that a viable candidate warrants consideration.

So, from time to time, the DBAA considers a candidate for the Hall of Fame on a 'reasonable and persuasive body of the candidate's participation in bridge activities performed while a member of the DBAA'.

For complete information regarding the nomination and selection of new inductees into the Unit 253/DBAA Hall of Fame, please refer to the DBAA Policies and Procedures manual. Mike Sheldon serves as Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee.

Our honored inductees are listed below


2018 Claudia Feagin
2015 Richard Burton
2014 Emory Whitaker
2012 Kevin Collins
2011 Bob Heller
2011 Patty Tucker
2009 Mike Kovacich
2004 Randy Pettit
1996 Jack Feagin
1992 Richard Freeman
1985 Lou Bluhm
1983 Edgar Gay
1982 Margaret Wagar