Sportsperson of the Year

Sportsperson of the Year 

 The Duplicate Bridge Association of Altanta (DBAA) has established an annual award for the Sportsperson of the Year (SPOTY).  This person is honored for their admirable ethical behavior and strong sense of fair play over an extended period of time, and for their outstanding pleasant and gracious comportment at the table.

The award is available to any member of the DBAA regardless of their level of advancement in bridge. Each year the SPOTY will be awarded free plays for all of the DBAA Sectional tournaments in the following calendar year and a certificate so stating.  In addition, his/her name will be added to a large plaque to be displayed with all the DBAA honorees.  Nominations are accepted from any DBAA member in the early Fall of each year.  More information about this procedure is available in the DBAA Policies and Procedures manual and from the current SPOTY Chair, Roz Howell.

All DBAA (Unit 253 members) who were honored with this award while members of Unit 114 have been accepted as Unit 253 honorees.  Please know that the criteria for this award was changed in 2016 and no longer reflects service to the Unit or bridge acumen as was previously required.


2019 -Bob Simkins

2018 - Jane Melby

2017 - Arnold Hawkins

2016 - Bert Ward

2013 - Mike Sheldon

2012 - Priscilla Smith & Ron Torre

2011 - Mike Kovacich

2010 - Josie Mitchell

2009 - Carey Snider

2007 - Claudia Feagin

2001 - Chuck Whidden

2000 - Patty Tucker

1998 - Bob Heller

1996 - Peggy Trosper

1995 - Peggy Hayslip

1990 - Kevin Collins

1989 - Lou Bluhm

1986 - Kathy Whidden

1985 - Sara Medlin

1983 - Jack Feagin

1982 - Dr. Roger Roemmich

1980 - Helen Salomons

1979 - Myldred Kelly

1978 - Steve Willis

1975 - Bob Duval

1974 - Mrs. Frank English


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